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Friday, 4 March 2016

The journey is your learning

Question? I’m just making my way through the tasks for Part 4, I think that 4C- Developing your questions within your professional community would be a big advantage in my research. However at the moment everyone is preparing for school inspections in two weeks time. I was going to complete this task after two weeks time, so I can get a fully thought out conversation about my topic. To replace the lack of this task I was going to keep up with my own individual research, literature and other research methods. I know that the timeline says that we should be moving onto Part 5 next week, will postponing task 4c be an issue? I have also found two other students who have a similar path in their inquiry to mine, its nice to know that we are sharing similar challenges within our inquiries.

Adesola’s thoughts: I am happy with you doing whatever order you want whenever you want. Everyone’s practice is different and has busy points. That is the point of the course, you are at work. The important thing is that you don’t disconnect work from study: be thinking about your practice/work as a site of learning not something that gets in its way.

As long as you know where you going with what you will hand in it is fine to make your own pathway there. The course is about your Professionalism, so we trust you to plan your time too.

It sounds like you are doing 4c because you are thinking about inquiry and you are in your professional community doing it.

Have a look at blog posts from people who have done Module Two for insight about how different people approach their time and Module Two – How they got there…

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