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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Critical thinking and using questions to find more questions

We had two skype discussion groups today (AM and PM).
In the first group we talked about different topics that people brought to the group as points of discussion. But then we took a ‘step back’ in terms of looking at ourselves and observing our own thinking process. In other words, we did some critical thinking about the conversation we had just had. This is about not just taking things for face value but looking at what ideas we accepted without question, what things we assumed, where the conversation went and where it could have gone.

This critical thinking is what you are asked to do across each Module with your Critical reflection that you hand-in. It is about reflexivity. Considering your place in the discussion not taking your own ideas for granted. Asking yourself why you think like that – where does it come from.

For instance, as we talked we started to realise we were using words like ‘perfection’ and ‘talent’. At this point I asked where does perfection reside/live in your practice. Where does it sit for you? Comment below

This question is not “What is perfect in your practice?” that is a very different question because that question is about identifying a something – tell us about a perfect thing.

The question
“where does perfection sit/live/reside in your practice
 is about identifying the idea of perfection and your relationship with it.

Telling us about a perfect thing is assuming perfection is a fixed description we all construct in the same way. Discussing how the idea of perfection is in your practice allows you to start to look at your practice and how it is influenced or constructed by the things you believe or have been led to believe.

Many of us take on the philosophy or attitude of the person who taught you your art form as if that attitude was part of the art form itself. But where are YOU in that –

This leads me to an idea we talked about in the second discussion. The idea of ‘authenticity’. Artistic authenticity and also how you can be your authentic self in different cultures. So much of who you identify as – the authentic you – is the cultural you. In different cultural places your habits and approaches are received differently and this affects how you see yourself too. This is not a right way things should be or wrong. You could also ask what is so important about authenticity? Is authenticity some kind of second best replacement for truth –when we can’t prove a truth?

These kind of questions make you question your assumptions, allow you to step-out-side yourself to reflect on your practice and help you to analyse data. Wondering like this does not immediately reveal how they will answer a question or get you closer to a good grade BUT they are how you can start to un-pick ideas and position and develop your practice which is what this course is about.

Have a look at what other people have posted on the conversations. Selene please post your blog address in the comments below so people can look at yours too.

Jae-Eun An      https://jaeeunan.blogspot.co.uk


  1. Thank you for this Adesola! Really nice to read what was discussed on the other session too.

    One thing I feel I learned today both from our session and reading your post now is how deep one can go with their critical thinking and how questioning things we usually take for granted can reveal a lot more things we never thought of. Even if by questioning you end up with the same answer that you knew all along (which might be the case sometimes) I'm sure that a. additional things would have been discovered on the way too and b. your view towards the said answer would have changed as you have now confirmed it through questioning it.

  2. Great to read even more of the ideas discussed.
    Link to my recent blog highlighting some things I learned from the discussion: https://ellebyrne.blogspot.hr/2017/10/broadening-questions-ethically-group.html

  3. On the idea of perfection and my relation to it. I have recently been questioning it's meaning a lot as I feel that everyone has a different impression of it. For me the idea seems to resemble a sensation felt when something has a quality which touches you deeply. In my practice as a ballet dancer I feel that it tends to sit within the technique of the art form where we have set regulations of how something should appear. This does not mean that we will all see the technique the same however, as an eye which has never seen ballet before is likely to see something very different from the critical eye which has watched a great deal of the art form.

    1. Hey Anna,

      Great point! "What is Perfection"... this has been bugging me since Tuesday.

      Ultimately I believe that as creative's, we have a clear practice to follow (story, emotion and agility). Rather than determining perfection, we should focus on the imperfection to perfection.

      Have a look at my post if you like... http://inhawaii2017.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/group-discussion-3rd-october.html?m=1

      Bw, Matt X

  4. Really sorry I accidentally put an @ sign in my blog address. Here is the accurate one Annwall95.blogspot.com.uk

  5. The idea of being perfect or what you see as perfection is something that really intrigues me. You see something that you look upto or admire as perfection and yet I never thought to question why I believe that is perfect? Or what it is about that that seems perfect? It has made me think about what would be the perfect job situation or the ideal situation I would like to be in in my practice.
    I have really enjoyed reading everybodys blogs so far. It's making me question so much more rather than accepting in what we believe.

  6. hello, here is my link! https://selenebueno.blogspot.com

  7. Sorry Adesola, actually I think the right link is this one: https://selenebueno.blogspot.co.uk