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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Module Twos

What topics are you thinking about ?

Please comment below. 


  1. 19 people have looked at this and not one comment!!! What are you think-feeling about your inquiries... ???

  2. Hi Adesola,

    I've decided to leave my idea around autism and dance and thought that since I have been doing a lot of teaching work recently and am starting my teaching qualifications in January that I am exploring the idea of dance and movement for Pre-school children. I have been looking at how creative movement seems to be the most beneficial for preschool children and why this is so. Also thinking of if this should be a compulsory part of education. And what age should structure be introduced to a class. Thinking of when is a child ready to start taking examinations. This is just a brief and broad outline but would like to know what you and others think.

    Thank you,

    Jess Stokes

  3. Hi Adesola,

    I've decided based on the idea that the inquiry should aid your practice to look more into the area of teaching. I am thinking around the broad idea of dance and movement for Pre-school children and what teaching style works best when teaching children of this age. If dance and movement should be compulsory in education for pre-school children. Also thinking about at what age should they move to more of a structured class and taking dance examinations. It is a broad idea at the moment but would be interested to see what you and others think about it.

    Thank you,

    Jessica Stokes

  4. Im thinking about how behaviour impacts learning and how this changes when teaching classes with different ages, ability, ect.

    Alicia M2

  5. Hi Adesola
    I am realising more and more as I read academic and theory books that the role of women in performance arts is something that i not only relate to but am very interested in and want to keep researching and how the socio-political culture and ethics are such a big part of everything that people do.

  6. Hi Adesola,

    I am thinking about dance teachers as role models and dance pupils as role aspirants. I don't have I direct route yet, but I am exploring different literature to discover where to go next with my ideas.

  7. Hi Adesola

    I am look at how do primary educators integrate arts within the classroom.


  8. Hi Adesola,
    I’m currently researching a few topics on whether the arts subjects get as much recognition as the more academic subjects at GCSE. I want to also look into who see’s this as an important matter and how we who do think this can try and make others see the importance of the arts!

    Kirsty M2

  9. Hi Adesola,
    I am at a point where I have a group of questions - but not quite sure which to specifically focus on.
    Have pressures of aesthetics affected the acting industry?
    Is mindset a large contributor to success?
    And ... How has the globalisation of the industry altered the individual's journey / career?
    I am interested in exploring the organic forms of acting auditions as well as the more polished forms of the 'self tape' audition.
    I would preferably like views from many positions within the industry - I.e. Writers, casting directors etc.
    Eleanor Byrne

  10. Hi adesola,
    Since our last chat I have changed my ideas to looking into....
    How play and movement help children understand and develop and whether dance/movement should become part of the curiculum for young children.

    Ronnia Ashworth

  11. Hi Adesola, since the last module meeting I have been narrowing down my ideas a lot. Focusing on how the audience opinion affects the professional ballet dancer. Now I am thinking of specifically focusing on the critical opinion but have been waiting to chat with Helen for advice.
    Ann Wall

  12. Hi Adesola

    I am really interested in looking into ´Is a musical theatre performer an athelete?`

    Is this question too vague or is this a good starting point for module two?

    Benny x