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Monday, 30 October 2017

Pleased to announce Guest Advisor Hopal Romans

We're really pleased that we'll have the contribution of other advisors on the MAPP programme this term and would like to introduce you to Hopal Romans, who'll be blogging, joining our monthly discussion groups and talking to some of you through one-to-one's for the rest of this term.

Check out Hopal's blog next week to get to know her a little...

Hopal has extensive experience as a dancer, performer, arts practitioner, teacher and advisor within and beyond formal educational and professional practice settings and has experienced and survived being a distance learner herself! It will be great to have her voice in the mix of our MAPP dialogues.

For those of you that have Helen as a main advisor to, Hopal will be talking with you now, as Helen is undergoing hip replacement surgery this coming week and will need to take some time to recover. You can contact Hopal via email to arrange one-to-ones and to send your draft work to which is due in November.

Do keep your thoughts flowing through your own blogs too...

Share what you're thinking, observing, doing... Helen is looking forward to checking in with them as she heals!

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