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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

For Module One's about drafts

Module One drafts are being accepted from Monday. Some people have met the Monday draft due date. The draft due date is a guide line for you in terms of organising your time. But don’t worry if you have not yet sent one. This date is reminding you you need to start to think about what you will be handing in. Thisis to do with thinking and working out so you may not know how to approach it yet – great start now so you can work it out. We have a skype session with a Module One focus on Monday 20th so sign up for that too (look out for the sign-up post on Adesola’s blog at the end of this week). Here are some notes on darfts:

1) You send drafts to your Advisor (Hopal (Helen) or Adesola depending on who you have as your advisor). Send them via email.
Turnit-in is only for the final University submission in January.

2) A draft send for feedback is a tool you use. It is so that you can ask questions about your work so: only send things that you want feedback on!! If it is not finished your feedback is going to be

‘it is not finished’!!!

and you know that already so direct the feedback you want. You could ask:

‘I know this is not yet finished, I intend to add a bit about xxxx, but could you look at and feedback on whether you feel my discussion of my practice is clear and have I used citations correctly? Do you feel I have connected the web 2:0 information to my practice or does it seem unconnected? ‘

3) The tasks in the handbook are suggestions for you to develop ideas about your practice in order to write the essay. If you are bogged down in the tasks then maybe lighten up a bit. They do not all have to be done and they do not all have to be done perfectly! The only thing you are being graded on is the essay.

4) Have a go at the essay and see where you are. Then maybe one of the tasks will make more sense or you might think I’ll do that task again to help we write this bit. Or you might feel you do not need to do any more tasks now you are writing the essay.

5) The blog posts you make are a way for you all to connect with each other. If you are not getting any comments on your blog maybe make some comments on someone else’s post. Advisors will not be posting on your blogs much but we are looking at your blogs to see where you are. If your blog address is not in Unihub yet in the ‘Learning Community’ folder PLEASE SEND your blog address to us straight away.

6) If you have something you really want your advisor to read or feedback on email us directly or add it as a comment on one of our posts if it is about the topic in the post.

7) Make sure drafts have page numbers, your name and student number on them. Please send as a word doc (NOT a pdf). Then Advisors can feedback onto the text is appropriate. Name the file saying what it is and who it is from i.e. Akinleye_1draftreflective essay.doc

8) Get connected - come to skype sessions make comments on other peoples blog posts. 

Module One is about articulating and 'seeing' and describing your professional practice - what your unique practice is. 
The Module is about being able to see your practice as a separate 'thing' from what you were taught as you trained, what you do to make money, what people said it should be - what makes your practice yours - YOU. 
The module is about how what you do, how you connect, how you present yourself and your work , how you appear , how you reflect and network  and how these all shape the unique emerging 'thing' thats your professional practice. Then you write about it and that is what you hand in. That is what you can start to send drafts of now. 


  1. We are writing this in first person when it comes to referring to our process?
    Yes write in first person its about your practice
    Can we include the BA as part of our current practice? For example, I am reflecting on myself as an auditioning dancer, and as a teaching assistant but can I also talk about my studies and work-based learning skills that are being developed and reflected on?
    Yes thats the point your practice and your study feed each other.

  2. Thank you for the additional pointers on the drafts. I have sent mine in but will be referring back to this post as I keep developing my essay.

  3. Thank you for the advice about the draft. I have just sent you my draft for feedback. Let me know if you received it. Thank you so much

    Jae eun An,