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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

On-line session with Module Two focus

We have an on-lines session with a focus on Module Two on Thursday November 16th
12:30 (time in London)
5pm (time in London)

Please comment below to indicate which session you will join. Please also send me a new skype connect request. Please do this even if we have connected through skype before. Something strange seemed to happen to skype last week so i want to make sure we can connect. When you send the request please write in the message what it is about.
Speak soon.


  1. Hi Adesola
    Will send new request to connect to Skype and will be joining the 5pm sessions Thursday 16th November 2017. Thanks Amanda BAPP BA Hons Module 2

  2. Hi Adesola, Unfortunately I am filming on the 16th of November so will be unable to attend the Skype session. Regardless, I will send you a Skype request so we can remain contacts on Skype.
    Talk soon,
    Eleanor Byrne M2

  3. Hi Adesola,
    I would like to attend the 5pm skype if that is possible.
    I want to clear up a few things about my draft and referncing and then also ask about the awards specialism title.

  4. 12.30 please.
    What is your Skype name to add?


  5. Sorry, Will have to be at 5. Emily

  6. Hi Adesola, please can I attend the 12.30 session. I will send you a new skype request. Thanks.

  7. Hi Adesola. Please can I join the 5pm skype


  8. Hi Adesola
    Am having a problem adding you to skype as it insists you are already on my list... so i will try and skype you tomorrow at 5 but if i dont get through can you add me to your list and call me on my skype address which is the same as my email amplewis1979@gmail.com
    Amanda BAPP Ba hons module 2

  9. Hi Adesola I hope you are well, I will be joining the 5pm Skype please

  10. Hello, I would like to join the 5pm! Thanks

  11. Hi Adesola, I am so sorry my rehearsal ran over this morning and I wasn't able to get online to let you know. I am also unable to attend this evening. Please accept my sincere apologies if you were trying to connect with me.