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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Visit a blog and write a comment day

I am making it visit blog day!!! Visit someone you have never read before and leave a comment...
*If your blog is not listed here you need to send me the address as this is the list from Unihub!

Adesola Akinleye

Helen Kindred
Hopal Romans (Guest Advisor)

Module One
Mathew Davidson
Arghierenia (Argie) Kyrimi 
Matthew Lindblad
Matt Shepard
Isabelle (Izzy) Clough
Megan Suddart
Taylor Byrne
Charlotte Wisniewski
Jae Eun An
Kerry Braybrooke-tidy
Laura Merani
Lauren Hamblin
Natalie Smith
Natasha Thompson
Sophie Tierney
Nicole Valverde
Selene Bueno
Katie Blythe
Natalie smith
Module One
Module Two

Ronnia Ashworth

Eleonor Byrne

Amanda Conroy

Dominique Davies

Jessica Dinmore

Joseph Darby

Emma Fitchett

Lauren Harper

Kirsty Haughton

Caoimha Mccabe

Prodromos Mameros

Alicia Morgan

Natalie Herbert-Moss*

Henry Rhodes (A)

Emily Richards

Jennifer Simm

Jessica Stokes

Ann Wall

Module Three 

Shannon Coull

Alana Dann

Eleanor Duignan

Persefoni Georgiou

Amelia Harris

Chrissie Homer

Imogen Mansfield

Hannah O’Neill

Lucy Penketh

Gonzalo Preciado Azanza

Lydia Safhill

Alice Sampson

Georgina Tedora

Alyshia Waite

Alexandra Zibisow


  1. Hi Adesola,
    I have just read through some blogs and found some really helpful already. This was a great idea. It's good to see the progress of everybody.
    Kirsty M2

  2. jennifersimm.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I have just done it! Thanks for posting this list Adesola!

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