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Sunday, 18 February 2018

CADD conference - first day

This weekend I have been at the Collegium for African Diaspora Dance (CADD) Conference https://www.cadd-online.org . This is the third Conference they are held every two years. This year is called Dance Black Joy: Global Affirmations and Defiance. Last year I presented a dance here. This year I have presented on research I am currently doing Movements, Narratives and Meanings and also on the book I wrote/edited that is just been published last week on-line and will be available in two week as a paperback.

The conference is always a reaffirming inspiring event. There are so many amazing people sharing amazing ideas here. It is held at Duke University in North Carolina.

The events I have attended have all been saying the same thing to me.
The importance of community, family, arts activism – what are you saying with that movement, with that way of teaching, being? and respect for those who teach us, those who have trailblazed the way we are taking – cleared space for us to be on the journey we are on.

Yesterday I started the day with a ballet class with Dr. Joselli Deans she was at Dance Theatre of Harlem when I was there. In class were also Theara Ward  (former soloist at DTH) and Dr. Kimberley Jorden. It was so nice to all be in class together again. As the conference is about Joy it was a joyful moment for me.  

At the start of the conference we Celebrated the legacy of Dr. Charles “Baba Chuck” Davis 

Baba Chuck had opened the first two Conferences and so we honoured his work and life to open this one. Have a look at the link. His work involved community dance. He is a part of our dance history. There was a panel of people discussing his legacy.  They were asked to summarise something to teach in his name. They said

As a teacher see the potential of the student/dancer /xxx in front of you even when they don’t see their own potential.
Dance is healing – he said the study of medicine is about the cure, dance is the prevention.
Become the rhythm be courageous and unafraid.

Today Dr. Brenda Dixon-Gottschild is giving a key note

I will share about other events I went to in another post.

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