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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Sunday, 11 February 2018

First Skypes back...

This weekend we had our first Skype sessions back: Friday and Saturday. Skype sessions are an opportunity to discuss with other members of the BAPP Learning Community.
-       Got questions about the course, dates, directions, word counts etc… go to the Handbooks and UniHub
-       Got ideas to share, explore, practice writing, reflect…go to the blogs and post and comment on others
-       Practice talking about your work, your practice, what you are learning and doing …go to a Skype discussion or campus session.
-       Up-dates and current thinking across the BAPP learning community check Advisor’s blogs.

What are one to ones with Advisors for? These are to discuss feedback, ideas and developments in your work. So, having a one-to-one at the start of term before you get any feedback seems like you actually need Handbooks and UniHub. Likewise getting feedback and thinking about it but not communicating with your Advisor in Week 7 sounds like you could book a one-to-one.

In the discussion groups, we talked about different aspects of starting, starting back, study, emotions. Here is an overview are some of the things that were talked about people attending are posting on the different points so have a look at what they say.

  • It is good to hear other people’s feelings and realise I am not alone…
  • Time management is vital – look at the calendar and make a structure for yourself with deadlines, organise time off to attend sessions in advance, be prepared.
  • Make deadlines tighter than they need be that way if a job or audition or part suddenly comes up you have a cushion of time.
  • Find a physical place for doing your written work, make sure you have a lap-top you can use, get Skype on your phone &/or organises apps so you can follow blogs, get your blog sorted out – now is the time to prepare around your life style, learning style and work commitment.
  • Read the module Handbook more than once. Print them off and add notes and sticky notes etc…
  • Make sure this work is a part of your practice not something added on top.
  • Set goals.
  • I want to do the BA to go on to do a PGCE
  • Don’t be afraid to not know something: that is what you want – there is no point just doing and seeing what you already know.
  • Make a time in your schedule to do the reading, reflecting etc… are you a little everyday person, a block once a week, a note book always in my pocket for notes person…?
  • Remember you are part of a community – the BAPP Learning community contribute positively and allow yourself to feel support – be brave.  

Keep blog post to 400 words max so people have time to read and reply. So I am going to stop here…

Have a look at what people on the discussion said. If you were in the discussion and your blog address isn’t here or you are still making it please add it to the comments so people can click on it and visit you.

When you visit a blog post leave a comment even if its just a word. But try to make it a critical reflective productive comment!

Have a look at past blog post on Starting back by using the word search along the side of my blog page. 




  1. Hey Guyssss!

    I feel like I'm going to be the Patty Simcox of the group! (If you don't know who that is shameee on you!) apologies in advanced!

    My blog address is:


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  2. Hi Adesola, the Skype session helped get me back into the mindset to start this next module. This week I'll be setting up my work spaces again, physically, mentally and also online, and I'll be going over the handbooks. Here is the link to my blog:


    Thanks, Laura

  3. http://henryrhodes.blogspot.co.uk