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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Practice as Knowledge and RPL up-date Skype

Last week we had a Skype for those doing RPL
Firstly: for those who are taking the RPL route (this effects students in Module One and Two who have not entered the programme with a Level 6 Certificate such as a Trinity Diploma), we have been working on what the RPL route paperwork looks like for the new school of ACI. It is going to be slimlined to a form type document. Your Advisor will be in contact with you once this is confirmed and we have Skype tutorials as per the calendar to go through what is needed to fill them out.

During the Skype we talked about the idea that experience is learning. This is a principle across the whole course so it was interesting to talk about what that idea means: that knowledge begins with 'doing' . This changes the whole divide between 'vocational' and 'academic' or 'theory' and 'practice'. In BAPP (and MAPP  the MA route in Professional Practice) the course are challenging the idea that vocational or practice are not routes for knowing. In fact we are saying that they are equal or not really different. They are different ways to do the same thing - understand and idea. Blurring the divide between practice and academic is why in Module Three we ask you to explain your inquiry experience in the form of a "professional artefact" (a practice-based artefact) and in the form of an essay (an academic based artefact). This circles back to when you enter the course either with RPL or Trinity another vocational diploma: doing is knowing. Ken Robinson talks about the history of  this divide between vocational and academic study in his renowned talk Changing Paradigms. What do you Feel? Have you noticed I nearly always ask what do you feel not what do you think in order to say true to the body being the starting point for understanding and knowledge. 


  1. Wow that was amazing!! The animation linked with the voice really worked brilliantly. It made me think of all the different groups that I teach dance to and how they all need different approaches in learning.

    Thanks Adesola


  2. Really enlightening!!! Thank you Adesola for the post x