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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Feedback response

Response to feedback

For Module Two and Three, as you have now received report from the submission of work from your last module you are working of your ‘response to feedback 300-500 words. This should be emailed to your advisor. NOTE Turnit-in is only used at the end of the Module when you hand-in final work. All other interaction (drafts etc…are formative feedback and happen via email with your Advisor)

It is less than a week until the event Narrating the Somatic; gathering voices, Sharing practices if you are in London we really hope to see you there. You can book on-line  (£5) – if the link is temperamental you can get a ticket on the day. 


  1. Hello Adesola,

    Is there a deadline for the feedback response or as soon as possible is best? And what should be the tone/style of the response? Is this a chance to analyse our feedback and see where we can improve/what our next steps are? Thank you!

  2. The deadline is in the calendar - it was today Monday February 19th
    The response is your response tone /style is part of your professional practice and who you want to be.
    Everything should be used to 'improve', develop, thrive ....