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Monday, 10 February 2020

Module One Focus Skype - your practice

I have made a word cloud thingy of the words we used to summarize the conversation. Can you draw links between these words and the posts by the people who attended the Skype. Please comment below about the links you found (after you have read their posts of course!)


  1. Hi all,
    I have written a post about my thought's about tonight's chat.


    It's definitely given me some things to think about.

  2. Thank you for a thought-provoking skype session. Feel free to read through my reflections at:


  3. Thank you for the skype chat on Monday evening. Given me lots to think about! Ive written a blog about it :)


  4. Thank you for the skype session. I have written up my thoughts here:
    Please feel free to have a look!

  5. The topics of the Skype call have certainly got me thinking a lot this week!
    I decided to blog on ethics. Please see the link below


  6. I’ve spent this past week since the discussion group researching into Transferable Skills in the Arts. Hope you all find some interest in it.



  7. Thank you to everyone who has contributed their thoughts on this skype session. I have enjoyed reading each of your thoughts. There are definitely links among the following posts. The topics that seemed to spark the most attention were transferable skills, the importance of ethics in our practice and defining our professional practice. All of these words were included in Adesola's word map!

  8. Hi Adesola,

    I have written a blog about transferable skills and how I have been able to pass these skills onto my students.


    Bronte :)

  9. Hello everyone, I have had this post saved as a draft on my blog for a while as I felt I needed more explanations to the mind maps I created. After looking back iv come to a conclusion that mind maps speak for themselves and perhaps someone else would find them useful so I have left a link for them below; https://hannahleesbappblogs.blogspot.com/2020/04/lens-12-and-3-plus-transferable-skills.html

    If you think I have missed anything of importance out please add it to the comments and I hope they help some of you.