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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Friday, 28 February 2020

Wednesday March 4th- BAPP Campus Session

BAPP campus session
Wednesday the 4th of March-

1pm - 3pm 

Meet at the Information booth in College Building

Comment below to indicate that you are coming. Let us know what you are interested in sharing during the discussion.


  1. Hi Adesola! I will be attending the campus session and i would be looking to discuss the way in which link my lenses through to the areas of learning in my essay! thank you

  2. Hi Adesola,

    I'd love to attend, I'm finding it tough to figure out exactly what's required to go in the essay and body of work for Mod 2 and would love to discuss that. I have a good idea of what I want my inquiry to be about but unsure as to the wording of it



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  5. Hello Adesola,

    I will be attending this campus session. I'm excited to meet others on the course and to discuss mapping artefacts. I also have a few questions about the diagram we need to create for our portfolio.

    Bronte Cudd

  6. Hello Adesola,

    I'm not sure if you are recieving my posts. I would like to attend this campus session.


  7. My apologies, I cannot attend this afternoon.
    Best wishes