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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Voice and three thoughts

This morning we had one of the two twlight Skype for today. 

Three points emerged

1) As you start Module Two thinking about a question - imagine that you will find it most clearly / understand it best at the end of Module Three!  That is what Module Three is for to better understand the question. So Module Two is about learning about research.

which leads to...
2) Research the different way to research 

3) continually developing what your practice is, means to you, looks like or does, runs as a strand through the whole course - each module should be informed by your gentle development and witnessing of what your own practice is.

Other good news 
Sophie  and Lorien are the news student reps (Student Voice Leaders) there are details for contacting them on UniHub.  

Background to Student Voice Leaders and you: The Programme Voice Groups (PVG’s) are one of the main formal channels of communication between staff and students. They are a forum in which students (through the Student Voice Leaders) and staff can constructively discuss areas of good practice as well as areas needing improvement, with the collective aim of enhancing the student experience. .
PVG’s occur each year and your Student Voice Leader will ask for programme feedback from you to report to staff at the pre-meeting to develop and agenda, for the points to be addressed at the main meeting. You will also be given feedback from both staff and the Student Voice Leaders on the outcomes of the feedback through the UniHub folder
The student voice meeting will be at the end of February. 


  1. It was a very interesting discussion. I have created a blog post with my thoughts so I'd love for others to share their perspectives:
    I'm also very pleased to be one of the student reps!

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  3. I have created a post a little different to what we discussed in the skype session. I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

  4. Thanks for this discussion. I have created a blog about it here: https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=4758768314256930357#allposts