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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Artefact and Themes

Today we had talked about module Three focus for study. We looked at the idea of an Artefact and also themes

The artefact is a practice-based artefact that relates to your practice /experiences.
What you are handing in for Module Three is an account of the inquiry process. From what you planned, what happened, what you learnt from it themes that emerged from it and what you feel it has said to your practice. That is being explained in three ways. The same thing is being explained in the three ways – written paper explains, practice-based artefact explains it and oral presentation explains it. You are repeating yourself in terms of what you are explaining. But the three ways of communication highlight and communicate differently and together they give a more rounded glimpse of your inquiry process and work. So if you find yourself repeating exactly the same words then you know you are not taking advantage of all the different ways of communicating that the three mode of communication offer.

‘From this I developed the notion of a 3D idea. This is the notion that an idea generated by the nucleus of embodied experience has aspects of it that are well communicated in words, but also has aspects of it that are well communicated physically as well as experientially and representationally. All of these aspects do not replace each other but rather seem to add layers of depth to the communication of the idea and so also to the understanding of the kernel of the idea that was generated through the embodied experience.’ Akinleye 2013 PhD thesis

We also talked about themes:
Being able to articulate what your themes are is really important because the themes tell you have done some analysis!! You might have started with themes that have shifted or changed during the course of the inquiry. You might has started with no themes and now have some. There might be things/words/ideas that keep coming up – (they are probably a theme!!).

The themes will inform the Artefact’s form to some extent because the themes are like the pillars (structures) that have emerged from your experiences within the inquiry.

Artefacts: not about Findings its about the process of the inquiry. The artefact, oral presentation and essay are three ways of saying the same thing.

The themes are in the Artefact.

The artefact is flexible, you can document it.

The Artefact is your journey

Artefact is not more words

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