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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Skype with Module One focus and our last Thursdays Module Two focus

Monday April 16th is a skype session with a Module One focus. People from any Module can join. We will be looking at learning from Module One. This is obviously useful for Module One students but those on Module Two and Three might find a reminder useful for what they are doing now too.
12:30 (time in London)
5pm (time in London)

Comment below to indicate which you will be joining.

On Thursday we had a skype with a Module Two focus.
The prompt to think about was

Imagine you cannot use interviews as a method.
What other ways of gathering information during your inquiry are there than just asking someone else. People tend towards interviews as a go-to for qualitative research like ours but an interview is not the only or best way. Just asking someone else what they think is not enough if you have not thought about what you are going to do with what they say. You are not just looking for people to tell you the 'answer'. For a lot of inquires this is a matter of why would they know (what you should think) any more than you already do?

We looked at other methods of gathering data - looking at journals, web-sites, specialist libraries, collections in museums and galleries, and archives of work.

Take aways from the conversation were:

In terms of the planning of your inquiry - think about what you want to know and why
Work backwards think about what you are going to do with the data (i.e. what analysis) you are doing and then work out what data you will need to do that analysis - then plan how you are going to get it.

Desk work /literature/research: don't talk to people struggling with the same issues you are struggling with. If you are talking to someone make sure it is not just like talking to yourself (people with the same point of view and in the same situation as you!)

Relate back to your practice, it needs to be useful to you. The inquiry is practice-based.

Don't worry about details before you have worked out WHY you are doing what you are doing.


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