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Monday, 16 April 2018

Citations, Practice and Appendix

Skype Session with Module One focus.

Today we talked about three points that are important across the course (all modules) but that you will first come across in Module One.

Citations and References
 Make sure your use of citations, references and quotes are all correct.
This includes.

  • Put quotes on a separate line.
  • Check you are using the correct citation method for the type of resource you are referencing (for instance web-sites need to include date accessed).
  • When you refer to an author or theory in your text make sure you cite what you are talking about. Don’t just write ‘Smith says it is beautiful’ you need ‘Smith (2015) says it is beautiful’. This way  you indicate where and when it was said by Smith which is important. 
  • Don’t use the quote to speak for you – make sure you explain your points in your own understanding (referencing where you got the idea from) and then use quotes to show how someone else explains the same thing – quotes are like an illustration of what you are saying. 

Your practice is central 
Make sure you clearly articulate what you see your practice being in the introduction. This gives context to what you are about to discuss. This is the same for all essays – introduce what it is about at the beginning. This Module One essay and the whole course is about your practice so you need to introduce your practice to us when you write about it.

An appendix is for extra information. You cannot assume someone reading your essay will read any appendix. Re-read your essay and make sure it makes sense and you explain your points without any of the appendix. Then any appendix that is added just gives further information (not essential information).

Points we thought were important as we summarised the session.  
Introduce your professional practice to give focus
read more: https://naomiblogging.blogspot.co.uk

Don’t assume people know what you are talking about
read more: http://shanice-blissett.blogspot.co.uk

Explain what your practice actually is, don’t just explain the module, explain ‘you’.
read more: http://rachlhickey.blogspot.co.uk

Really focus on all aspects of your practice not just one part of it.
read more: https://nicoleblachford.blogspot.co.uk

Remember your practice is more than just what you are paid to do or your training it also has something to do with the artistry you feel you bring to things, what your plans and hopes are…

For many people after a couple of years working or auditioning or creating your ‘practice’ is different from ‘what you were trained to do’.

What do you feel - please comment below


  1. I asked the question is it appropriate to give our own opinion and Adesola asked me if you weren't giving your opinion then whose opinion would you give? This helped to clear things up for me and reiterates that we are critically reflecting on our own professional practice. We must be sure to explain this rather than just giving an overview of the module.

  2. Hello everyone!

    I wrote a little blog on the Skype session I had which I hope will help anyone if they need it. A link to it is -