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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Skype sessions with a Module Two focus

On Thursday we have Skype session with a Module Two focus. As with all sessions everyone is invited but we will be looking at learning from Module Two. this might be useful other Modules too.

12:30 (time in London) expect the call from Helen
5pm (time in London) expect the call from Adesola

Please comment below to indicate which you will attend.
Have a look at our notes and conversations from the campus session on Tuesday. This might inform the conversation on Thursday.

Discussion about what we are handing in for each module:
Module One:

two-parts of a whole (you)

looking back on prior learning
How have you come to this point, to this module?

‘Reflecting on past professional experiences and yourself’

Looking at you now
What have you learnt through this module
What has supported that learning – tools, blogs, skype discussions, theory through the literature, observation of your practice

Module Two:
A Proposal

Criteria – what’s needed?
What are you proposing to do?
What are your methods?

Background information
Literature review

Who will it affect? Who will it involve?
Participants to your research. Who will you interview, observe
How do you consider your actions and their impact on others (ethics)

How are you going to do this?
What is your approach, your philosophical approach

What it’s about?
Research questions
What are your questions?

Module Three:
A reflection on a process

‘A reflection of what’s been learnt on the journey of this module and what will emerge from the inquiry through their practice’

‘Results of inquiry in the form of observations, interviews and reflection’
Journey of the module relevance to own practice
Interpretation of data

Interviews – a stimulus for your learning – not the ‘thing’ that you found out
Not being an empty vessel for the data

An awareness of an area of practice
Sharing knowledge sharing experiences

Opening doors to possibilities

Reflection of the journey on one aspect of the creative industry and seeing how this may affect her practice in the future
Context of the journey

Impact of what happened on the journey

Clarity – of interest, of practice, of what is being asked by the assignment
Keeping connected to your practice


  1. Hi Adesola, I am planning on attending the 5pm session.

  2. I would like to attend the 5:00pm session please :)

  3. Hello Adesola,

    I would like to attend the 5pm skype session please.

    Many thanks

  4. 5pm please!
    Matthew Lindblad

  5. Anyone (M2) fancy a Skype this evening?
    I was thinking around 6 30?

    Matt (M2)