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ideas sometimes when you wait they come to you.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Campus session

Hope everyone is having a bit of a Spring Break
next Tuesday May 10th we have a Hendon Campus session in
W154 (that is the Williams Building)

It is noon to 3pm

Please comment below if you are attending


  1. Dear Adesola,

    I will be attending the campus session next Tuesday.
    Many Thanks
    Jess Dinmore Module 3

  2. Hi Adesola,
    I will be attending the session. Very much looking forward to it!

  3. Hi Adesola,
    I am so sorry but unfortunately I now have an essential physio appointment on the other side of London which clashes with session so I will be unable to attend. I look forward to catching up on the session's activities on the blogs.

  4. Hi Adesola,
    I will be attending this campus session next Tuesday.
    See you then,
    Eleanor Byrne M3