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Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Campus Session

We looked at Mapping - mapping practice, mapping for inquiry -
We asked each other questions about the maps we had of our practice and inquiry.
This led to thinking about:

Anushka - The exploration of different cultures/ environments within my training and how these have influenced how I conduct myself while training and performing. This has added discussion point for my ethical considerations to link into my areas of learning.

Bronte - Today we looked how previous experiences have changed the way we approach our practice and looked into the grey areas on our maps - Broaden your minds!

Tom - I found it very helpful to understand that we are casting a large net in order to come up with our point of inquiry. I was maybe trying to be too specific immediately, rather than allowing the research and mapping work to inform the choices that I made to take to inquiry.

What are your thoughts on mapping
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  1. At the moment I am thinking of mapping on a metaphorical level. I was glad to read about how you discussed mapping in the campus session as it was an ambiguous area for me also.

    I currently believe that mapping indicates planning a journey of various routes/paths I could take in order to reach a destination. The various milestones on route act as the different aspects within my practice that all connect together. Becoming aware of these milestones; things that make up my professional practice, as well as exploring them to find the most effective ways to use them, should in theory join together to culminate in the path my professional career will travel. The destination being the end goals of my professional practice or career in the industry.


  2. Thank you for this post! Unfortunately I couldn't attend the campus session so it is great to hear details of your discussions.

  3. Hi Adesola, thank you for hosting the session - i wrote a quick blog post about it here! https://anushkaconwaybapp.blogspot.com/2020/03/campus-session-43.html