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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Friday, 27 March 2020

Wednesday April 1st- Discussion group- all BAPP modules

Discussion Group (BAPP all modules)
Wednesday the 1st of April-
(Time in London)

Comment below to indicate which discussion group you are joining. Let us know what you are interested in sharing during the discussion.


  1. Hi Adesola
    Please could I join the 8.15am skype discussion? I've been planning my critical reflection essay so it would be good to re-visit some of the lenses in Module 1, thinking about my learning process over Module 2. Many Thanks.

  2. Hey Adesola. Please could I join the 8:15 Skype? Like Sophie, I'm looking into my critical reflective essay so it would be interesting to go over Module 1 and Module 2's processes and how they relate back to my learning and my practice

  3. Please could i join the 8.15am Skype? Thanks.

  4. Hello, Please could I join the 9pm Skype. Thanks, Alison

  5. please can I join the 8:15am skype. thankyou

  6. Hi,
    Could I please join the 9pm skype.
    Thank you

  7. Please can I join the 9pm call? I would be interested to bounce ideas off of others in regard to the lenses in module one. Thanks! Jacqueline

  8. Hi, can I join the 9pm skype please, Thank you.

  9. Hello Adesola, I would like to join the 9pm call. Thank you, Kate-Anne.

  10. Could I please join the 9pm call? I am currently applying feedback to my mod 2 literature review, looking at individualism and visual feedback in the classroom. Thank you, Phoebe