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Monday, 30 March 2020

New BAPP Skypes and up-date on schedules

Hi everyone,
Given the current situation we have added some new Skype (and Zoom sessions). Zoom log-in information is on UniHub on the pdf about the new sessions at the top of the page. For Zoom you just have to come to the meet as directed.

Sunday 8pm Skypes are organized through Student Voice leaders - see Student Voice folder on UniHub.

I will also add posts for the Skype sessions so you can sign-up as we usually do (for non-Zoom and Student Voice Sundays)

Here is the overview
BAPP additional Skype sessions
Schedule (all times are given as UK-GMT)

Wednesday April 1st - 8:15am & 9pm discussion group 

Thursday April 2nd – 7:15pm - community discussion group 

*Friday April 3rd – 8.00pm - guided relaxation session

*Sunday April 5th – 8pm Student voice group (every Sunday at 8pm) 

*Friday April 10th  – 8.00pm - guided meditation session

Thursday April 9th – 7:15pm - community discussion group

*Friday April 17th – 8.00pm - guided meditation session

Monday  April 20th - 6pm Module Three focus

*Friday April 24th – 8.00pm - guided meditation session

Sat April 25th – 9;15am - community discussion group (Breakfast club)

*Friday May 1st – 8.00pm – guided meditation session
Friday May 1st – submission of work for all modules via turnitin

*Friday May 8th – 8.00pm – guided meditation session 

Wednesday May 6th – Presentation 9am -2pm, Presenters: Mark Allison, Cathleen Limerick, Siobhan Richardson, Benny Tyas. (presenters need to be available in afternoon too) 

Thursday May 7th – Presentation 11:30am – 4:30pm, Presenters: Emi Ichikawa, Thomas Holdsworth, Louise Elliott, Taylor Byrnes. 

*Friday May 15th – 8.00pm – guided mediation session 

*Friday May 22nd – 8.00pm – guided meditation session

*Friday May 29th – 8.00pm – guided meditation session

*Friday June 5th  – 8.00pm – guided meditation session
(these sessions will carry on through the summer according to numbers) 

*Friday - session are via Zoom 


  1. Thank you very much for this Adesola! Much appreciated

  2. Yes, thank you Adesola. Very helpful