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Sunday, 15 March 2020

Friday March 20th- Online session with a Module 2 focus

What if you don't interview anyone? The central place of analysis

Online Session with a Module 2 focus (AC13622)
Friday the 20th of March- 6pm (Time in London) 

Comment below to indicate if you are joining. Let us know what you are interested in sharing during the discussion.


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  2. Hi Adesola, please can i join this discussion.

    Thanks Lorien

  3. Please could I join the Skype session. I would like to share my journey so far through ACI3622, and experience others thoughts on data collection and analysis. Thanks, Alison

  4. Hi I would love to join, but also have a show- is there anyway this one can be recorded please? Emily x

    1. If this session is not recorded, I would be willing to catch up at a later date and discuss topics covered in the Skype session. My Skype is lizzielonsdale or get intouch through my blog page, https://alisonlonsdale.blogspot.com/ if you would like to discuss. Thanks, Alison

  5. Hi Adesola, Laura and I would like to be on this Skype!



  6. Hi Adesola- Please can I join? I'd like to discuss the overall concept of the inquiry plan, and also to talk about the interview process as a method of data collection. Thank you.

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  10. Hi Adesola, I'd like to join this Skype session please. I'd like to talk about methods of data collection other than interviewing. Thank you, Shaunna.

  11. Hi Adesola,

    Please can I attend this skype.

    I am interesting in hearing ideas from others on module 2 in terms of data collection as for myself I am finding it difficult to know the best way in which to collect information.

    Many thanks, Scarlett.

  12. Hi Adesola
    I would like to attend this skype!

  13. Hi Adesola, can I please join?